5 Minute Tune-up for Healthy, Meaningful Living

by Mary on August 10, 2009 · 0 comments

You’ve probably heard the old adage that your health is your most important asset. In effect, your physical health is the foundation which allows you to live fully and enjoyably.

During a daily walk, I stopped for a break at a bridge overlooking a beautiful creek. As the water sparkled and danced, I found myself asking a series of questions. They helped define and reinforce what matters to me, and what I can do to move my life forward down my path more meaningfully. Because they helped me, I’d like to share the questions with you, in hopes that you will take a few minutes to strengthen your own choices and the way you live your life.

Your 5 Minute Tune-Up

  • What is the one important thing I want in my life that depends on my being and stayIng healthy? For instance, you may want to participate in physical activities like biking or dancing, take annual vacations that require you to withstand long periods of walking or you may want to live long enough to enjoy time with your grandchildren.
  • Choose one of the two following questions:
    — What belief about my body or health is keeping me from having that important thing? or
    — What lifestyle or behavioral patterns do I have that prevent me from having that important thing?
  • Write down options or things you can do to realize your goal. Choose at least three new perspectives that will move you toward having what you want. For example,
    — I could begin walking after dinner each night,
    — I can sign up for a charity walk that will support me in increasing my walking distance for my summer walking tour AND raise money for an cause that is creating positive change for others or the environment,
    — I can sign up for a smoking cessation class where I will be supported in giving up my 10-year habit.
    HINT: If making this change is really important to you, you may find higher motivation by identifying options that will impact others as well as yourself…for instance, the charity walk.
  • From these options, what is one small step you will commit to taking today? For instance, I’ll check the internet to search for a charity walk that is coming up in the next three months.
  • Create a physical reminder that will help you keep this commitment. You might use a tool like your calendar to schedule reminders, or post an affirmation on your refrigerator.
  • Create a strategy to share your commitment with at least one other person today.

Be A Positive Change Maker for Your Own Life

We all move down our individual paths to meaning and impact one step at a time. See where taking this small step will lead in helping you achieve your goal of living a healthy and fulfilling life.

I hope you’ve found this perspective on healthy living valuable.

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